Shyama Perera uses skills developed as a successful writer and broadcaster to help you grow ideas and projects, or to grow them for you. You can speak to her in confidence, with confidence.

Activities March 2014 

  • Facilitated discussion at the Vodafone Foundation’s Connected Women symposium
  • A Writer at Liberty, a piece of Shyama’s flash fiction is featured in Liberty80
  • Reviewed newspapers on the BBC TV News Channel and on BBC London
  • Hosted a club dinner for the knowledge networking organisation Editorial Intelligence of which she is an Ambassador.  Now preparing for the annual Names Not Numbers event in Aldeburgh
  • As Comms Consultant to the International Women’s Forum UK, overseeing social media, newsletter, brochures, and public footprint
  • Managing a new round of project funding applications to save and showcase the Ram Gopal Garuda costume owned by SADAA of which she is Chair
  • Maintaining her Monkey Matters Theatre Reviews website